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At MDST Design, located in San Diego, California, we believe that every great product begins with a spark of imagination. We're dedicated to nurturing that spark, refining it through meticulous research, thoughtful design, and precision engineering. Whether you're a startup with a groundbreaking vision or an established company seeking to enhance your product line, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide you through the entire product development journey.


What sets us apart is not just our technical proficiency, but our holistic approach to innovation. We seamlessly blend creativity with feasibility, ensuring that your ideas not only captivate minds but also meet real-world demands. Our iterative design process, coupled with advanced prototyping and testing, guarantees that your product doesn't just meet industry standards – it exceeds them.

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We meticulously analyze problems, trends, and study competitors to unearth insights that fuel the creative process.  Research is the foundation upon which exceptional products are built, ensuring that every subsequent step is informed, purposeful, and aligned with a singular goal – to create something truly remarkable.


Concept development is where imagination takes its first tangible form, as we distill the insights gathered from research into innovative ideas. Our team thrives on pushing boundaries, weaving together technology and design to create concepts that not only address market gaps but also resonate deeply with users' aspirations. Through rigorous brainstorming and iterative ideation, we sculpt these concepts into the raw material from which extraordinary products are crafted.


Our rapid prototyping services offer a diverse toolkit of cutting-edge techniques, including 3D printing, machining, laser cutting, thermoforming, silicone casting, die-cutting, and more! We transform concepts into tangible realities, catering to a spectrum of design intricacies and material requirements. With our array of prototyping methodologies, we ensure that every angle, curve, and function is refined to perfection before your vision evolves into a final product.


Our low volume manufacturing services provide a tailored solution for bringing your designs to life without the need for large-scale production. MDST Design utilizes a tight network of suppliers, in addition to in-house capabilities, to source components that meet your specifications. With attention to detail and efficient processes, we cater to smaller quantities, delivering the same level of quality and precision that drives successful products in the market.

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product design

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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“Great communication. Fast turnaround. Quality work. Was able to 3D print parts for verification which greatly aided in our product development iteration cycles. Overall, MDST was great to work with will definitely hire him again for engineering + CAD work.”

Justin Mandelson

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