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Here are a few of our many successes where MDST Design quickly pushed our Clients into a sucessful direction!


BlinkJoy approached MDST Design with an issue that was occuring in their current product. The silicone eye-cups in their dry eye mask, previously designed by another company, contained thick areas in the eyecups which caused pressure points around the end-users eyes. Within a week, MDST Design was able to properly re-design the eyecups, design and 3d print a mold, and cast silicone prototypes for our client. We went through two iterations until we hand delivered the final prototype to our client in San Diego.



Catapult AV approached MDST Design to develop a bracket for holding down a generator in their custom off-raod vehicle build. Within a week, MDST was able to design and 3d print various iterations of the Clamps until we had the right fit. The Clamp utlized custom cut rubber pads that adhered to the Clamp to prevent scratching on the object it was clamping onto. MDST had a custom die-cutting tool made and shipped out over 250 custom die-cut rubber pads for testing.

Die Cut.jpg


Goat Grinder tasked MDST Design with a full development project by having us bring an idea all the way to production. Our requirements were to design a modular herb grinder that threaded onto a standard wide mouth jar. Within a few weeks, MDST produced initial prototypes and tested them. After refinement and iterations, Goat Grinder was in production and selling their grinder within a year.

Pink 2.jpg
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